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“Obviously, there’s no magic bullet. First, Google is investing in brains. Every company has a bell curve, right? It’s different here. The odds are pretty good that if you bump into someone in the cafeteria, they are world-class at something.”

– Google Engineering Director David Glazer in a recent Fast Company article

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#1 Chris Mullins on 03.27.08 at 11:43 am

That’s probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen so far in my new job (I work for a different big software company that everyone has hear of). Everyone here, and I mean everyone, is amazing.

During my first week, a “non-technical” product manager put together a full blown snowflake schema for an analysis project, and had a prototype implementation put together. His comment was “I’ve never seen OLAP before, could someone take a quick look?”

I’ve already seen that pattern repeated here time & again.

It’s just surreal to work with people so far outside the standard bell curve. As an enabler for personal growth, I couldn’t ask for anything more!