New Article: Bad Specs Hazardous to Productivity

Here’s an excerpt from my new article, Warning: Bad Specs Hazardous to Productivity:

“So Joe Developer is handed a spec that provides a nice, high-level view of the project and tells him where he needs to end up. He breaks it down into smaller steps, then perhaps into even smaller ones. He takes those tiny steps and begins to translate each one into instructions the machine can understand (aka “writing code”).

Soon after the first or second step he comes upon a task that he can’t easily translate into code. Perhaps it’s a piece of data he needs to display that doesn’t exist in the database, or a conflict emerges that would break existing code if implemented. Not only does he have to stop what he’s doing, but he has to make a phone call, walk to someone’s office, or schedule a meeting in order to get the answers he needs to continue. This is not only a tremendous waste of time in the sense of “he wasn’t at his desk for nine minutes while he asked this question,” but it takes his “flow” and sends it via Pony Express to the other side of the universe.”

Read the complete article here

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