Confidence in Your Product

Apple is offering a 30-day trial of the Mac mini. They should think about doing this for the iPod, as well.

Apple is all about the “first-run experience,” which is something Steve Jobs has harped on for years. The thought is that the first time someone starts their new computer better be the best experience they’ve ever had. Although they will boot the machine up hundreds or thousands of times, make an impact this first time and you’ll have them for life. A 30-day trial fits perfectly into this mindset.

And it should also work with iPods, which have smaller shipping costs and, from what I hear (not being a user myself), set the standard in MP3 player ease of use. Although an iPod requires other equipment to use (a computer and internet connection), and the price point is not as high as the Mac mini, I’d imagine this is something Apple is considering. Since 30-day software trials have become the norm, could Apple be breaking ground with 30-day hardware trials?

UPDATE: Apple cancelled this promotion after 24 hours. They did not give an explanation, but I’m sure we’ll hear more in the coming days.

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