Is the Tech Crash Over?

There’s a post over at Bug Bash discussing whether or not the tech crash is over.

From purely anecdotal evidence the tech economy picked up about 18-24 months ago when my freelance friends began finding work pretty easily and the rates stabilized after dropping for a few years. The other day a friend told me his rate just increased without too much of a fight, and I even know a few people who have changed jobs after a few months for a higher salary, something surely reminiscent of the boom.

What I also find interesting is the cluster of entrepreneurs who are churning out really cool, well-designed, usable software and how-to articles relating to software entrepreneurship. This trend is based on the fact that you can now start a small company for a few thousand dollars, the cost of web hosting and a laptop, with the potential to make 1,000 times that. It’s not a boom, certainly, but a steadily-growing, organic movement to create usable products and websites and make the dot com thing work for real, not just because someone’s dumping $5 million a day into your bank account.

This movement, what’s loosely being referred to as the Web 2.0, is how it should have gone the first time around.

What do you think, is the tech crash over?

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