A Catalog of Web Service APIs

wsfinder is a new Wiki devoted to cataloging web services and other public APIs. Each API page contains a list of web applications that use it.

We all know about the basic web service APIs from Google, Amazon and eBay, but as of this writing wsfinder has 101 listings and is growing rapidly (it’s been up for about a month). And, since it’s a Wiki, if you have any information to contribute (including code samples), be sure to post it.

To follow the story of wsfinder, check out their blog here.

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#1 Adnan Masood on 10.29.05 at 7:05 pm

Xmethods also have a (not so well) compiled list of web methods and some with corresponding API’s but I wonder what would be the criteria to consider a service secure/stable/reliable/scalable enough to be used for an enterprise application. What would be the SLA? Recent typepad issues raise a serious concern of service availability issues industry still needs to address. Mainframes are still in fashion because they might not be fancy, but they definitely work.