New Article: Software Training Sucks: Why We Need to Roll it Back 1,000 Years

From my new article Software Training Sucks: Why We Need to Roll it Back 1,000 Years:

“This article is about training, but not the typical ‘pay $1500 to sit in a stuffy hotel conference room for five days while some guy who hasn’t written software since Elvis reads his PowerPoint slides to you in an effort to keep you awake’ training.

We’re going to talk about in-your-face, do-as-I-do, on-the-job, get-them-writing-production-code-four-weeks-out-of-school training. It’s the type that makes people clamor to work at your company, and requires a whole heck of a lot more effort than the fifteen hundred bucks to send someone to a week in a hotel conference room.”

Read the complete article here.

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#1 http:// on 11.17.05 at 8:21 pm

Well said. Mentorships happen for interns in companies, but somehow disappears when we enter full-time positions.