Links for November 23, 2005

Paul Graham’s New Essay Explores the Meaning of Web 2.0

Joel Spolsky Publishes a Recommended Reading List
A bunch of the books he mentions are on my bookshelf, and I have plans to review them so stay tuned!

10 Cool Software Business Ideas
From TechCrunch.

Microsoft Announces Bi-directional RSS, or “SSE”
A more detailed spec is available here.

Amazon Launches Product Wikis
Every product listing now has a ProductWiki section where visitors can leave relevant information. I wonder how much oversight it will require to keep garbage from appearing?

20 Years of Microsoft Windows
Includes cool pics and trivia.

Free Open-Source Flight Simulator
The images look great!

Color Scheme Tool
A color-picker that aids the visually-challenged (like myself) by suggesting a complementary color scheme that goes with any color you choose.

A Block-based World Map Built by Visitors
A pixelated representation of the world where each pixel is chosen by website visitors. When you arrive at the site it highlights one pixel and asks you to make it land or water. There’s also a cool animation of the “world” forming through the last 118,000+ votes.

Which Search Engine is Best?
Here’s a “blind taste-test” of the top 3 search engines: Google, MSN and Yahoo!. Search for a familiar topic and select which of the three result sets you think are the best.

Start Small, Get Big
Growth Secrets for Self-Funded Startups. It'll Change Your Life.
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