Quote from Google CEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the following to Business 2.0:

“Everything new here comes out of the time engineers spend on side projects. It certainly doesn’t come from management.”

Granted, they’re a company who’s fortune has been built on technology, but I can only imagine the number of engineers who will be sending Google their resume because of this quote.

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#1 Eddy on 12.14.05 at 6:02 pm

I wonder how long this would last to keep Google as a cutting-edge, successful and innovative company. Could this create the same scenario that Palm went through, when some of their most innovative engineers realized that they could make it better if they just went and created their own company (Handspring).

#2 rwalling on 12.15.05 at 6:51 am

That’s a good point, Eddy. The major difference between Google and Palm is that Palm was purchased and mismanaged until the two founding engineers became so frustrated they left to form HandSpring. At this point the founders of Google are still around and they’re still happy, and from quotes like the above it looks like they’re trying to keep their engineers feeling the same way. As long as they can do it they will stay on top. As an aside, the Palm/HandSpring founders are now starting another company called Numenta dealing with modelling the human mind with computer memory (http://www.numenta.com/). That’s definitely something to keep an eye on.