ChitChat.NET Discussion Forum Software is For Sale

Update: A potential buyer asked about the possibility of paying in installments. I’m open to accepting up to 6 monthly payments, so feel free to make an offer with this in mind.

I’m selling all rights to ChitChat.NET, the discussion forum software package written in ASP.NET for SQL Server. Along with the source code comes a domain name, which holds a Google Page Rank 4 and gets around 3500 unique visits per month, the ASP-based website located at, all images associated with the product and website, and all rights to SPROC function builder application.

ChitChat.NET comprises 300 hours of development time and is currently at version 2.1. The software comes complete with wizard installers for the application and the database, and is written entirely in object-oriented C# inside a VS.NET 2003 project. All data access is via stored procedures.

For a quick look at sites talking about or linking to the ChitChat.NET product, visit:

The product was written three years ago by Tom Holder, and promoted by his company Clickcess for two years before I purchased the rights from him in mid-2004. Tom sold approximately $3,000 worth of the product, and performed roughly $2,000 of enhancements paid for by customers, with little promotion.

I’ve been selling ChitChat.NET for the past 12 months, with total revenue of just over $2,300. The sole source of promotion has been through Google Adwords text ads (stabilizing at ~$20 per month). I’ve been asked to improve the product on an hourly consulting basis, but have been unable to fulfill customer requests for hourly enhancements due to other responsibilities.

That’s why I am selling the product; lack of time to properly develop and market it.

I spend 1-3 hours per month answering inquiry and support emails. I have not developed the product since purchasing it, except to fix bugs.

You will receive:

  • Full C# source code and VS.NET 2003 project for ChitChat.NET
  • Ownership of the domain name:, which holds a Google Page Rank 4 and gets around 3500 unique visits per month
  • Signed confirmation that all rights have been transferred, including all code, text and images from
  • 3 months of email support to help you get started
  • List of Google Adwords I use to promote the product
  • I will also throw in all rights to the SPROC function builder which I have not marketed or sold. I’ve been informed that the source code is out of synch with the executable. After selling $1,200 worth of the product Tom began giving copies away to anyone who asked.
  • I would like to retain one multiple-server license of ChitChat.NET for my own use.

I will accept all offers over $2,300 for the next 3-4 weeks. The first offer over $5,500 will be automatically accepted.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, please contact me here.

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#1 leon on 01.05.06 at 1:24 am

good luck with the sale!