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OnTime 2007 is a bug tracker, issue tracker, task tracker, and help desk ticket tracker that relies heavily on AJAX. OnTime 2007 is currently in beta, and you can get 3 months of their hosted solution free by signing up here. There’s a video that runs through the AJAX front-end and shows how the new web version responds more like a Windows app. I would like to see a video that steps through the major functionality of the application, as video demos are huge in helping people get a high-level understanding of an application.

One thing I like about OnTime is that their previous version, OnTime 2006, comes with a VS.NET client so you can access it without leaving your IDE (assuming you’re a .NET developer). I’ve seen this attempted before, but it looks like the OnTime guys have pulled it off pretty well. I hope they’re thinking of doing the same for the 2007 version, because this is a major selling point for the .NET shops I work with.

OnTime offers a hosted solution, or you can host it in-house. They also include a feature list & comparison with their competitors (including FogBugz).

OnTime offer the product free for single-users, and are currently offering teams limited beta accounts with 3 months of free hosting service. Pricing starts at $495 for 5 users.

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Looks neato, but I’d like to see a comparison to Jira. I think the main things that are different are that Jira is not .NET specfic, it’s all web based. No e-mail threaded conversations. Also for FogBugz and Seapine, if they have a web interface, then *technically speaking* you can access it from VS2003 and VS2005. I’m not sure what the integration gets you, aside from maybe prettier controls…? -MattyJ