Los Angeles Job Openings for Entrepreneurial Developers

I’ve been talking with a company located near LAX that meets almost all of Rob’s Criteria for Keeping Your Developers Happy.

As you might expect, they are experiencing quite a bit of success and are expanding like crazy. In fact, they’re looking for four .NET developers from entry- to Mid-level. The key is that you need to have a powerful entrepreneurial drive.

They are a consulting firm that helps companies or individuals get their software product online. This space is booming as people scramble towards the software as a service model. They also cater to entrepreneurs and startups.

The development environment rocks: it’s all new technology (ASP.NET 2.0, SQL 2005, AJAX), small teams (2-3 person teams), short projects (3-6 months), virtually no legacy development, and the pay is good and includes full benefits. Although they’re a consulting firm they don’t have travel requirements. Profit sharing is available.

Bottom line: if the idea of cranking out web applications for entrepreneurs sounds like a dream job, you have at least some .NET experience and you have that killer entrepreneurial drive, drop me a line at jobs@thenumagroup.com. Include your resume and a cover letter and “LAX” in the subject.

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