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I’ll give a free Fast Company magazine subscription to the first person who posts a comment containing the estimated number of software developers in the world and an approximate breakdown of programming language usage (must include a link to sources from 2005 or later).

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#1 Creswick on 12.29.06 at 11:33 pm

I don’t have mainstream numbers handy, but in the US there are a predicted 55 million+ end-user programmers. eg: people who use excel / Office macros, or similar technologies but don’t do so as their primary goal — rather they need certain results, and creating a spreadsheet is the easiest way they know of to get that result. While this sounds trivial at first, realize that there is an extensive amount of research into the impact of bugs introduced in these seemingly benign “programs”. Panko’s work [1] is the canonical source for spreadsheet error reports, while EUSES [2] is probably the largest academic group working to mitigate the problem. [1] What we know about spreadsheet errors [2] EUSES: helping End-Users Shape Effective Software —

#2 Albegor on 01.06.07 at 12:18 pm

IMHO there are even too much people thinking they’re software developers! 😉 About programming language usage stats I think this is an interesting result from a recent poll on CodeProject: Great blog btw!