San Francisco Job Opening :: Senior .NET Developer / Architect

I’ve been talking with a small, profitable company located in the SOMA district of SF and they are looking for an exceptional Senior .NET Developer / Architect who will create the technical vision for their company. And they satisfy almost all of Rob’s Criteria for Keeping Your Developer’s Happy.

Here is an excerpt from the job description:

What the Company Does
We create and maintain a handful of web applications which run 24/7/365 serving customers in 30+ countries. Our flagship product, a web-based timesheet, is one of the oldest hosted web applications.

Why You Want to Work Here
You’ll have the chance to work directly with senior management, influence company strategy (i.e. not just be a slave to sales/marketing/product management), and be able to go out on a limb to try new architectures/technologies. The discussions are lively and we’re passionate about doing good work. Your decisions will affect the performance, usability, and feature set enjoyed by thousands of customers every day.

We offer a full compensation package including paid vacation, health benefits, 401(k), profit sharing, transit subsidy, and personal cell phone & broadband reimbursement. Plus, we offer the chance to work closely with an incredibly dedicated and talented group of people who are serious about delivering great products.

What We Want
We’re seeking a talented .NET developer to design and direct the implementation of our software. The right candidate will be able to weigh business decisions against technical ones and will determine product-definitions and feature sets in conjunction with the rest of the team. This position is about half architecture/design and half actual coding, with some managerial duties, and will strongly influence our engineering process and culture


  • 5+ years of web application development, including high-volume transactional applications
  • 2+ years of .NET-specific development, including ASP.NET, and Web Services (real experience with .NET 2.0 is a big plus)
  • 2+ years of MS SQL Server experience, great SQL skills
  • Some experience with legacy ASP (VBScript)
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent desired
  • Must be able to work for any employer in the US

If you’re interested, drop me a line at Include your resume and “SOMA-SBR” in the subject.

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#1 Greg B on 01.24.07 at 10:12 pm

the only thing that would make this better would be their willingness to offer the job to someone who worked as a full time telecommuter. More and more developers are wanting to work for a company from home or from someplace other than the office.