Slides and Code from Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp

I spoke at the Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp yesterday in Stamford, Connecticut. The turnout was great and the facility, the University of Connecticut Business and IT campus, was amazing.

I spoke on LINQ to SQL, the new ORM technology from Microsoft. The presentation resulted in a good discussion about the architectural considerations of using such a tool, and I bailed on a few examples I had prepared to give time for all the Q & A.

Feel free to download my sample code and slides. The code is in C# 3.5 and runs in VS 2008 Beta 2.

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#1 Jeff on 11.12.07 at 12:20 am

I’m curious how much contract work you have generated from speaking at code camps. I love going to them, just wondered what it wa like to prep/speak at them.

#2 Rob on 11.12.07 at 9:03 am

@Jeff – This is a very good question. I started answering it in the comments and after 15 minutes of frantically typing I realized I should make it into a post of its own. I’ll work on it and push it live this week.

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#4 Mike on 12.20.07 at 3:16 pm

Dang, I work in Stamford. If I’d known I would have gone.

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