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Software Developer / Trainer / Entrepreneur Opportunity in West Africa

I received an email about a job opening for a software developer in West Africa. I’ve never posted a job opening from a recruiter before, but it’s for a non-profit, and I have a soft spot for West Africa that you can read more about in my article Using Technology to Fight Poverty.

Here is a snippet of the job description:

“I am looking for a Software Developer/Trainer who is willing to make a two year commitment to a non-profit project in West Africa. The project’s goal is to train the local students on producing commercial software and helping them become entrepreneurs in starting up their own technology firm. This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference. They will be very well compensated in US dollars, housing will be provided, and relocation assistance will be given.

This position will start in January 2008. The company that is funding and leading this project is a multinational company with its headquarters in Europe. They are truly seeking dedicated, energetic, passionate people to fill this role. It is a great way for someone to give back to the world using their technical capabilities.”

Email if you are interested: rob -at- software by rob dot com.
Update: This position has been filled.

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