Where Have All the Startup and Software Podcasts Gone?

Many of my favorite podcasts appear to be on permanent, unannounced sabbaticals. I started listening to podcasts a year ago and found some great content right out of the gate (by “great” I mean intelligent people talking about startups and software development).

I found a number of podcasts through friends and search engines, and would run through the backlog in about a week and wait impatiently for each new episode. Late last year many of them suddenly stopped broadcasting.

Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts that have (mostly) gone off the air:

  • Startup Studio – Perhaps my favorite startup podcast, it hasn’t had a new post in over 6 months. The backlog is still awesome (I’ve listened through it more than a few times).
  • Y Combinator Startup School Podcast – I’m not sure if they’ve changed the URL or stopped recording their talks (I can’t seem to find any online), but the last post was about 5 months ago. Again, great startup content.
  • Venture Voice – A startup podcast that’s been M.I.A. for almost 6 months (wait…they released a new interview a few days ago…could they be returning to the airwaves?).
  • Hot From Silicon Valley – Last post: September of ’07? I honestly can’t really remember if I liked this podcast or not (but it’s still in my RSS reader).
  • Grid7 – Another startup podcast, this one is focused on the Phoenix area. The verdict is still out on whether Grid7 is back. It took a 5-month hiatus and then released its first episode three weeks ago. Sean Tierney does a great job of keeping me invested in this podcast. I haven’t had any use for his startup’s product, JumpBox, but if I did you can bet I’d be giving him a call.
  • Hanselminutes – Once my favorite podcast covering everything a web and Windows developer is interested in, now a mediocre Microsoft employee interview show. Scott never misses a week, but since he started working for Microsoft the quality of this podcast has dropped. I have to cut the guy some slack (this blog has had some bad months too), but here’s to hoping we can return to the glory days.
  • MicroISV Show – A great podcast that ended abruptly in September of 2007. Rest in peace. (thanks to Darren Stokes for the reminder).

While I’m on the subject, here are my favorite podcasts that have continued to broadcast regularly:

  • TED – Some are video, some are audio, but the content is unbelievable. Experts in their field present for 15 minutes to an invite-only crowd in Monterey, CA. I highly recommend poking around on the site and watching a few videos. They will blow your mind (even the presentations on subjects for which I have no interest are fascinating).
  • GeekSpeak (NPR) – From the Central Coast of California, Lyle Troxell has been doing a geek radio call-in show for going on 10 years. A great way to keep up with weekly geek news, and hear Lyle and his gang answer questions from crazy, tech-challenged callers.
  • Marketplace and Marketplace Money (NPR) – As developers we make decent coin, and if you want to hang onto said coin you have to be in the know about the economy. Marketplace is a daily dose of the stories you should be following if you’re investing (and if you’re not investing, what’s the hold up?).
  • Internet Business Mastery – My guilty pleasure. Jay and Sterling discuss internet business topics such as SEO, information products, etc… I tend to enjoy their back and forth more than the content, but it’s always a fun listen.

And finally, here are a few honorable mentions that I keep an eye on through the magic of RSS (but I don’t listen to every episode):

  • CS Techcast – Podcast on Microsoft technology.
  • IT Conversations – Good tech content, but there’s a lot of it.
  • NPR Technology Podcast – A different take on technology that covers digital culture, how technology affects our world, and research news.
  • Polymorphic Podcast – One man talking about Microsoft technologies. The quality of the content varies from show to show.

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#1 Darren Stokes on 05.02.08 at 11:39 am

I’ve noticed the same thing with Hanselminutes lately. I’m hoping the problem is more with new house and new baby, rather than the new job. I’m holding out a few more months before passing final judgement.

Another startup related podcast that sort of went away was the MicroISV Show.

#2 Rob on 05.02.08 at 11:41 am

The MicroISV Show! (*slaps forehead*) I removed it from my RSS reader, but I’m going to add it into the post. I definitely miss it.

#3 Scott Williams on 05.02.08 at 11:59 am

I enjoyed Hanselman’s podcast about Git and the one with the Panic guy.

StackOverflow’s is worth checking out. It’s still in the VERY early stages, but I’ve enjoyed the few podcasts they’ve done so far. http://blog.stackoverflow.com

#4 Mason on 05.02.08 at 1:46 pm

I strongly disagree with the comment about the hanselminutes podcast. Since inception, the show always interviewed guests that either worked for msft or had ties. I really like the fact that he will throw unrelated topics into the mix occasionally, like the shows about Quantum Physics and Digital Photography. Granted I don’t listen to every show, but when he’s got a great topic, I think the podcast is unbeatable.

#5 Greg Cheong on 05.02.08 at 5:27 pm

The startup school 2008 talks can be found through here:


#6 Sean Tierney on 05.02.08 at 10:12 pm

thanks for the kind words. I miss Venture Voice as well and I agree that IT Conversations has some gems but tends to be a “needle in a haystack” for the good content. Two others that might interest you: the GigaOm show and TalkCrunch. iTunes also has a “related stations” feature if you pull up any of the ones you listed, it displays similar podcasts.

I can tell you the Grid7 podcast is definitely not dead, there’s a new episode coming tuesday morning in fact with an interesting local AZ company called “BuildProof” I just interviewed. It has been on hiatus as you pointed out purely because it’s not a revenue-generator for us and it’s the first thing to give when there’s a bunch of work to be done on JumpBox. I plan to keep the show going though and hopefully the last episode with Ken Losch didn’t disappoint. Thanks again for mention – this gives me motivation to know that folks are actually deriving some value from it.


#7 Greg on 05.04.08 at 2:48 pm

Thanks for the nice words. Keep Venture Voice in your RSS reader! (Also, check the blog section.)

#8 Jason Van Orden (Jay) on 05.17.08 at 2:23 pm


Thanks for listening to Internet Business Mastery. Glad to see that we are on your list of favorites.

#9 Stephane Grenier on 05.27.08 at 3:58 pm

You might also want to check out Software Engineering Radio at http://www.se-radio.net/ I’ve been impressed with their podcasts.