Why Have a Resume?, Startup School 2008 Videos, Innovation, and Legendary Programming Style Tips

Why Bother Having a Resume? – by Seth Godin. It touched a nerve because I’ve noticed that the more I accomplish publicly (i.e., writing articles and code that are not hidden away inside the walls of a corporation), the less I need a resume, and the less I respect the resume as a tool to communicate a person’s achievements. I haven’t updated mine since 2004. Someone asked for my resume the other day and I was insulted. It feels like an antiquated way of evaluating my accomplishments, when my real accomplishments are far more important than whom I worked for at what time. The things you do that don’t take front and center in a resume are the ones that set you apart.

Videos from Startup School 2008 – Paul Graham, Mike Arrington, Jeff Bezos, Mark Andreessen…’nuff said.

Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation – these lessons transfer directly to software development.

The Myths of Innovation – an entertaining video lecture by Scott Berkun.

Brian Kernighan’s Programming Style Tips – via Matt Youell.

Chris Anderson on “Free” – Nokia World 2007 Keynote in which Chris Anderson explores what it means when things like disk storage and computing power become free.

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#1 Sean Tierney on 05.08.08 at 12:41 pm

Rob, agreed. The blog is the new resume. We’re recruiting now for several positions at JumpBox and I’ve gotten 50 resumes. After awhile they all read the same boasting of big achievements with corporate-speak. Not one person has given me a link to their blog though and that would be infinitely more valuable than a sterile, calculated artifact like a resume for giving me a feel for who they are and what they can do.