Comments on My Password Protected Article

I’ve heard from a couple readers that they don’t like the idea of the password protected article I published yesterday. I wanted to explain a bit more about my thought process so you didn’t think this blog has been purchased by some marketing sheister.

My intent with the article notification list is to allow people to sign up for notification of the most important or substantial works from this blog, instead of having to slog through every post, whether via RSS or email. I’ve received requests from a few readers asking for this feature due to RSS overload; they were either severely limiting the RSS feeds they read, or stopping RSS altogether.

Previously I offered email notifications through FeedBlitz, but that feature sends an email every time I post, which is too noisy for most. In addition, I’ve always liked the fact that even though I subscribe to my favorite blogs’ RSS feeds, I can still sign up for email notification of their best content. So I wanted to offer this alternative and I wanted to kick it off with something extra to encourage people to sign up.

But here’s where I took a wrong turn: instead of publishing the article as a “page” in WordPress, I published it as a “post,” which means it appeared in the RSS feed. This gave the appearance that I was forcing you to give me your email address. In other words, while I intended to give those who signed up something extra, it appeared as if I was taking something away from anyone who didn’t sign up. This was not my intention, and if you’ve read this blog for any length of time this probably seemed out of character.

To fix this little snafu I’ve removed the password protection from the post (which you can find here). In addition, if you’ve already provided your email and would like remove it from the list please drop me a line using the “contact” link in the sidebar and I will gladly take care of it. I apologize for any confusion.

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