A Non-traditional Resume, Web Service Studio on CodePlex, Official Shotgun Rules, and Win a MacBook Air

My non-traditional resume: Seth Godin’s Internship ApplicationJeff Widman spent 50 hours creating a one-of-a-kind resume when applying for an internship with Seth Godin. He read my post on self-marketing for software developers and thought it embodied an approach to marketing yourself through “exceptional means.”

Web Service Studio on CodePlexThis CodePlex project posted by Adnan Masood is the revival of the .NET WebService Studio tool. “This tool is meant for web service implementers to test their web services interactively without having to write client code. This could also be used to access other web services whose WSDL endpoint is known.”

The Official Shotgun Rules – Finally someone puts it in writing!

Win a MacBook Air in the ZocDoc Developer Contest – On May 13, “ZocDoc kicked off a contest for software developers to create new applications that help patients book doctor appointments anywhere on the web. The contest, which runs from now until August 1, 2008, challenges developers to build the application that will most benefit patients looking for a doctor. A new API allows developers to pull data from ZocDoc.”

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#1 Matt on 05.30.08 at 1:15 am

Jeff’s application is – to me anyway – a compelling advertisement for homeschooling.

As for the programming contest, I think I’m seeing a trend, and I’m not convinced these things are the best idea. At least not with that sort of tiny quid pro quo structure. I mean an Air is what, $1800? How many college-kid man-hours are going to go into that and never see a payoff? Better to do SoC.

Btw: Nvidia is doing a similar contest for their CUDA sdk & payday is $5k. Problem is harder though.

#2 jeff godin on 06.10.08 at 6:38 am

[…] with Seth Godin. He read my post on self-marketing for software developers and thought it embodihttp://www.softwarebyrob.com/2008/05/29/a-non-traditional-resume-web-service-studio-on-codeplex-offi…P-Nats return the favor against Hillcats OurSports CentralLYNCHBURG, Va.- The Potomac Nationals […]