Trading Places with Indian Outsourcers, MIT/Stanford Venture Videos, and Intelligent Syntax Highlighting

Trading Places with Indian Outsourcers (video) – An interesting look at a programmer who loses his job to offshoring and travels to India to get his job back. From the TV show 30 Days.

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab Videos – A collection of videos (updated monthly) presented by the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, including: The Rise of Crowdsourcing, Future of Content Consumption, Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks, and Green Tech for the Consumer Market.

Prettify Code Syntax Highlighter – “A JavaScript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page.” If you listen to the stackoverflow podcast you’ve already heard Jeff Atwood talk about this tool. It’s impressive, especially since it’s written in JS. Make up a fake programming language and it will infer the syntax and highlight it. Seems like the first sign of the impending launch of SkyNet.

We Hate Quickbooks – A smart viral marketing play by the developers of Less Accounting. From the site’s description: “This site shows the unfiltered timeline of Twitter users who ‘tweet’ the word ‘quickbooks.’ We’re showing the good with the bad, so decide for yourself!” (link via Matt Youell)

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#1 Basil Vandegriend on 06.30.08 at 9:20 pm

Thanks for the link to the syntax highlighter. Finding a good one has been on my to-do list, but my earlier brief searches didn’t turn up anything I really like.

I like how this tool is completely css/javascript based, which makes it easy to plug into websites using different technologies (static, PHP, java, etc.)

#2 Professional Software Development » Syntax Highlighting on the Web on 07.01.08 at 7:54 pm

[…] mostly looked for WordPress plug-ins, since this site is based on WordPress.) I then came across a recommendation by Software By Rob for the Google Code Prettify library and immediately liked how simple it was to use: basically just one stylesheet and one javascript […]