Landing Clients Nearly 100% of the Time, Car Insurance by the Mile, and 91 Ways to Become a Better Developer

The Secret to Landing Clients Nearly 100% of the Time – I almost didn’t post this link here I think it’s so good and wanted to keep it to myself. It’s written by an internet marketing consultant, but the message applies to web design, web development, and software development just the same. The point of the entire article is a quote about halfway down – if you do nothing else, read the section titled “How to Land Your Client, Every Time.”

MileMeter – Auto insurance by the mile. If you drive less than 12,000 miles per year it will probably lower your insurance expenses. It also encourages you to drive less.

The Stupidest Exercise Machine You’ll Ever See – Title says it all.

91 Surefire Ways to Become an Event Greater Developer – Careful, you could kill days trying to do everything suggested in this list. – “Tired of losing arguments just because your facts happen to be incorrect? We can help! Simply make your dubious assertions anywhere on the web and link back to us. We’ll back up your claim as a ‘Researched Fact’.”

Has A Customer Ever Tattooed Your Company Name on Their Arm?

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#1 John on 11.27.08 at 5:35 am

I read the “How to Land Your Client, Every Time” piece. I’d like to know how you think this applies to software development. I guess I’m stupid because I just can’t see it.

#2 James C on 11.27.08 at 12:06 pm

Charls Petzold has the windows logo on his arm

#3 James C on 11.27.08 at 12:06 pm

Charles Petzold has the windows logo on his arm

#4 Rob on 12.08.08 at 10:57 am

@John – “How to Land Your Client, Every Time” relates to anyone selling consulting services (software development included).