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How Third-Party Licensing Can Ruin Your Launch

We launched version 2.5 of DotNetInvoice (my asp.net billing product) about 2 weeks ago. This release is a milestone because for the first ever we have a C# version (in addition to our standard VB.NET version).

The programming language is important because we provide the source code with every purchase…which created one heck of a mess for us a few weeks back.

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What is the Micropreneur Academy?

By now you’ve heard about the upcoming launch of the Micropreneur Academy from my report Ignore What You’ve Read About Launching a Product (And Actually Launch One) available here.

But you have to be wondering what the heck this thing is, right?

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Here is My Glimpse of the Future

Last week I hinted that something big was coming. This something has evolved over the past nine years, but has moved especially fast over the past six to twelve months.

The hardest part has been keeping quiet. But I’ve had a good reason for doing so: I haven’t invested years of work into this blog only to endanger my reputation with a half-baked idea.

But the time has come…today I lay everything on the table.

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A Glimpse of the Future

You’re likely aware of the changes that have taken place on this blog over the past eight months; the focus has shifted from corporate developers to a more independent line of thinking. And some great things have come with it.

My readership has grown faster than any similar period in this blog’s history. I realized I struck a nerve when I began receiving question after question about recent topics: one-person startups, the business of solo software, Micropreneurship, etc…

Until this point there have been many more questions than answers. But stick around; I’ll have some answers for you on Monday.

Something Big is Coming…

For months I’ve been stewing on an idea.

No, it’s not an idea…it’s a concept. I’ve been churning on it for six months, maybe more.

I’ve had a number of conversations with exceptionally talented developers who’ve made gutsy decisions and come out on top.

And I’ve been immersed in a world of risk, reward, independence, and sheer brilliance (other peoples’, not mine).

I’m in the cusp of something new that’s coming together from a perfect storm of the economy, my internal search for independence, and an undercurrent I’m observing with developers who’ve made the decision to pursue something worth pursuing.

I’ll be talking more about this during the coming week…