What is the Micropreneur Academy?

By now you’ve heard about the upcoming launch of the Micropreneur Academy from my report Ignore What You’ve Read About Launching a Product (And Actually Launch One) available here.

But you have to be wondering what the heck this thing is, right?

Well…it’s not another blog.

I talked a bit in the report about how blogs aren’t able to cover this material in enough depth.

And it’s not a book.

The problem with books is they fall out of date far too quickly. If I pick up a technology or online marketing book that’s published in 2007 a good portion of it will be out of date.

And it’s not an Ebook.

Ebooks are limited to expressing ideas in print…some subjects require a lot more than that.

The Micropreneur Academy is a place to find details about every tactic I’ve used to make a software product business fly.

It’s a single place that will house all of the training, articles, interviews, videos, and everything else relating to starting, launching, supporting, and marketing a product or website.

If that doesn’t spell it out, here are a few more answers to questions I’ve received:

Will the Academy Cost Money?
The short answer is: yes. Given the quantity and depth of the course material, I don’t see a way around this.

The long answer is: I started putting together an outline for a series of blog posts covering these topics, and it quickly became so involved I realized I could not give it the treatment it deserves. Many lessons require audio, video and in-depth research, analysis and demonstration.

These are the time consuming pieces I spoke about in the report – the parts that are never properly covered in blogs. In the interest of getting this material to people who can use it I’ve decided to take the route of setting up an academy.

When you say the charter membership will be limited to the first 250 sign-ups, do you mean the first 250 people who requested the report or is there an additional step to sign up?
The academy will launch in about 2 weeks, and the “first 250” I spoke of are the first 250 people who sign up once the doors are open. I’m doing this to maintain an intimate setting to ensure we’re able to quickly form an interactive community.

I Would Never Do This If I Didn’t Know You From Your Blog!
That is absolutely true – that’s is why this is a “readers-only” launch. I’m not doing any publicizing outside of my blog. I realize there is a level of trust that’s needed to follow me into something like this, and appreciate that you have followed me this far. As you know, my reputation is on the line and I do not plan to disappoint.

What’s Next?
As more information becomes available I’ll be providing it via the the Six Figure Software mailing list – click here to sign up.

In the meantime I’m happy to answer your questions; drop me a line at rob@softwarebyrob.com.

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