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Free Website Feedback, Custom Card Designs, Finding Good Domain Names, and more…

Concept Feedback – Free feedback for marketers, designers and Micropreneurs. Share your website and get quick feedback. Excellent resource for fast, free site reviews.

lehan. paper. design. – Need an elegant “Thank You” card for a client? Or a custom card with your logo and message? Professional and elegant designs from a paper craftsman.

HotNameList – If you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, HotNameList is like having a metal detector. It finds good domains that are available to register right now. I’ve picked up 6 keyword-heavy domain names from this site in the past two months.

ABtests.com – Quick, informative A/B tests and how they’ve turned out. An awesome resource.

Working Longer Hours Is Not A Competitively Defensible Advantage – Patrick McKenzie, a brilliant Micropreneur, is on target with this post about monetizing your time, outsourcing, automation and elimination.

Web App Business Models: User Needs and What People Pay For – “If you’re planning a web application that can’t build a business model around one or more of these needs, you may face difficulties generating sustainable revenue.”

Smart People Should Do Stupid Stuff – It’s usually the simple ideas that work.

Why You Should Re-architect Your Career to Amplify Your Strengths

Each of us has our own set of strengths and weaknesses but we never take the time to figure out what they are. Even if you did would you know what to do with the information?

You’ve probably heard that you need to identify weaknesses so you can fix them. After all, if you’re already strong in an area there’s no need to hone that skill, right? You should focus on your weaknesses so people don’t point and laugh at you when you try to…do whatever it is you’re weak at. Right?

That’s what most people think, but I’ve found this approach to be a recipe for mediocrity.

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