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Startup Website Reviews – Episode 2: HowsThe.com

Reviewing HowsThe.com

Startup Website Reviews – Episode 1: Reviewing CrmInnovation.com

Reviewing CrmInnovation.com

I Will Review Your Website for Free

What I’ve found during the last year of running the Micropreneur Academy is that once you’ve seen hundreds of websites and run fifty A/B tests you develop a sixth sense about how a site can be improved. You begin to do this almost without thinking (unconscious competence for those in know).

It’s a bit like the hiring manager who’s seen thousands of resumes and can scan through 200 of them in 3 minutes and tell you who to call in for a phone interview. It’s a crazy, uncanny sense that only comes with hundreds of hours of exposure.

Well…I’ve hit that point reviewing websites.

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Recent Podcast Appearances

If you’re into this new-fangled podcasting thingy you can hear me talk about Micropreneurship in two recent interviews:

Paying the Price of Success

Micropreneurship (one-person entrepreneurship) is a fantastic experience. The first time someone pays you for software you wrote, your head will nearly spin off its axis.

And ultimately, if you’re able to harness the power of leveraging software instead of time, you will achieve more freedom than you’re probably ready for. The first time I took a month off with two days of notice I had the nagging feeling that I needed to do 173 hours of work when I got home…then I realized that hours and dollars no longer correlated.

It’s hard to re-train your mind out of the dollars for hours mentality. For me it took well over a year.

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Joel on Software is Shutting Down. Long Live the King.

Surely you’ve heard the news by now. Joel Spolsky is going to wrap-up his blog on its 10-year anniversary, just a few days from now.

The memories I have of Joel on Software, especially from 2001-2004, run deep. These were my formative years as a developer, and Joel published some of his best work during this time. Though his blog has been pretty quiet for a few years now, I can still remember the bolts of insight I experienced as I read those early articles; always within minutes of receiving his email announcing it had been published.

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