Joel on Software is Shutting Down. Long Live the King.

Surely you’ve heard the news by now. Joel Spolsky is going to wrap-up his blog on its 10-year anniversary, just a few days from now.

The memories I have of Joel on Software, especially from 2001-2004, run deep. These were my formative years as a developer, and Joel published some of his best work during this time. Though his blog has been pretty quiet for a few years now, I can still remember the bolts of insight I experienced as I read those early articles; always within minutes of receiving his email announcing it had been published.

It’s as if every one of those early articles was written to turn my own experience on its head and make me re-think what I was learning as a software developer. As if every article re-shaped my thinking about the software development process.

I know he’s not going away for good; he’s a producer and producers have to produce or they go crazy. Maybe one day someone will find reams of unpublished manuscripts stuffed under his mattress in a bizarre Kafka-esque fashion. But probably not. I think Joel will be in the public eye in one form or another for many years. Even if he does turn down the nob a bit.

So Joel, thank you for the memories. Love live the king.

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#1 grapkulec on 03.18.10 at 2:29 am

I have the same “feelings” for Joel and his blog as you do. I discovered his articles two or three years ago and his point of view set me straight on a couple of things in development and ways of approaching problems in real world of programming.

PS: Kafka style hidden manuscipts under his mattress would be cool 🙂