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What I’ve found during the last year of running the Micropreneur Academy is that once you’ve seen hundreds of websites and run fifty A/B tests you develop a sixth sense about how a site can be improved. You begin to do this almost without thinking (unconscious competence for those in know).

It’s a bit like the hiring manager who’s seen thousands of resumes and can scan through 200 of them in 3 minutes and tell you who to call in for a phone interview. It’s a crazy, uncanny sense that only comes with hundreds of hours of exposure.

Well…I’ve hit that point reviewing websites.

So I’m starting an experiment next week. I’ve recorded stacks of site review screencasts over the past four years, and I’m ready to take it to a whole ‘notha level.

Consider this an open call…send me your URL. Any non-personal website will work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re involved with a non-profit, run an ecommerce site, sell ebooks, or have a SaaS application. Send your URL to rob (at) softwarebyrob.com and I’ll queue it up to be reviewed it in a screencast that I will publish on this blog. Not only will you receive free feedback on how to improve your site, you will receive traffic from the readers of this blog when the review is published.

I will focus on sales and marketing elements: how well you communicate your message, the basics of your design, usability, calls to action, SEO, etc…

Think of this as a combination between UserTesting.com and ConceptFeedback.com…except I’m not charging 29 bucks.

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