I’m Writing a Book: “Start Small. Stay Small. A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup”

A few weeks ago I asked for your opinion on the focus and format for my book. Since then I’ve worked out a lot more specifics, and today I’m pleased to announce them.

Start Small. Stay Small. A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup covers everything a software or web developer needs to know to launch and grow a startup with no outside funding. Sign up to receive a crazy pre-release deal when the book launches.

Here’s a snippet from the first chapter:

Who is this Book For?

This book is aimed at developers who want to launch a software or web startup with no outside funding. This book is for companies started by real people to solve real pain points using desktop, web and mobile applications.

In this book I assume:

  • You don’t have $6M of investor funds sitting in your bank account
  • You’re not going to relocate yourself or your family to the handful of startup hubs in the world
  • You’re not going to work 70 hour weeks for low pay with the hope of someday making millions from your stock options

There’s nothing wrong with going after venture funding and trying to grow a company fast like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It just so happens that most people are not in a place where they can pursue that route.

As I began the writing process I received input from developers who told me they were tired of “filler” material – weak case studies, superficial interviews, chapters describing 10 options for how to accomplish a task but no guidance on which path you should take.

So I’ve focused on providing a practical, step-by-step approach to getting your startup off the ground and focused on making every word count. No filler allowed.

If you aren’t frantically underlining, highlighting or taking notes as you read each chapter, then I have not achieved my goal for this book.

Sound like fun?

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#1 Tahir Akram on 05.07.10 at 6:35 pm

The title of your post remind me a quote which I saw yesterday on a computer wallpaper.

Start Small, Aim High