The Warren Buffett of Websites

I’ve embraced a concept that involves investing in websites like real estate. Not “website flipping” as the press seems to categorize anything to do with buying or selling websites, but taking a long-term approach to finding income-generating web properties and building a portfolio.

Think Warren Buffett’s buy-and-hold approach vs. speculation (aka “flipping”).

This is different from building apps yourself, and also different than Micropreneurship.  Micropreneurs tend to own microISVs, whereas this new concept…this Internet Business Investor might own e-commerce sites, ebooks, and AdWords sites. He looks at websites purely as investments.

This investor builds a portfolio to hedge a downturn in any one property, and to build a sustainable income source, since a single small website is unlikely to generate substantial income.

The idea is to “buy” yourself freedom to do what you want by building equity in web properties (as opposed to doing this through real estate, which is the more common path).

With that said, and realizing this is not about building applications but solely about buying, rehabbing and holding web properties to build a passive income stream with the goal of personal freedom…do you have any interest in that topic?

The reason I ask is that I’m considering starting a separate (totally free) blog or podcast on this subject. If you are interested, please let me know:

I’ll email you once or twice as it shapes up to keep you in the loop. Again, I’m not going to charge for this.

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