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How Falling In Love With My Product Killed My Business

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The following is a guest article by Dave Rodenbaugh of Lessons of Failure.

Shortly after the Millennium dawned, I was itching for something new to sink my teeth into.  Software development wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I craved from working, and I had recently been part of a startup that was now a smoking crater after the Dot Com crash.

While attending a local art show, I walked along perusing all the photography booths, as nature and landscape photography has always been a passion of mine.  Most of the photographers had similar kinds of work but there was one guy whose booth stood out from the others.  I stopped in and started up a conversation with him about his photos.  They weren’t just beautiful, they were striking.  To the point where people would audibly gasp walking by, “Oh wow, look at THAT”.  Knowing a little about the subject, I probed him a bit for his secrets.

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Why You Should Start Marketing the Day You Start Coding

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This article is #7 in a series about startup marketing. The first 6 (not required before you read this one) are available here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

I’ve gone on and on about the subject of pre-launch marketing on my podcast, made mention of it in my book, went into detail on TechZing, and again on a recent Micropreneur Academy conference call.

And after talking about this subject at length, I found myself again evangelizing it last week at the Business of Software conference. That’s when I realized I needed to sit down and create a permanent written resource for the topic. Then you don’t have to listen to me tell you about it – you can just ask for the URL.

So the intention of this post is to lay out the key details of why you should start marketing your startup (or product, or book, or anything else you will launch) months before launch day. [tweet this]

This may sound obvious, but given the number of times I’ve been asked about it (and the number of times I’ve seen people do it poorly) it’s apparent it needs further examination.

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The #1 Goal of Your Website: Slides from my Business of Software Talk

The Business of Software 2010 was last week in Boston. This is without a doubt my favorite conference every year.

I had a great time and met a ton of new people (including finally meeting Jason Cohen and Patrick McKenzie after exchanging many emails over the past year or two). The whirlwind of the conference was such that it took me about 48 hours before I could hold a conversation about anything but starting a software company.

My talk was titled The #1 Goal of Your Website and I promised I would post my slides (and here they are).

There is a well-organized (and detailed) look at each talk here.