How to Talk to Your Kids About Star Wars, Roll Your Own Linkbait Headline, I’m Speaking in Vancouver, and more…

How to Talk to Your Kids About Star Wars – A must see if you have kids and like The Trilogy. “Jar Jar only kicks the puppies he doesn’t eat, Junior!”

Roll Your Own Linkbait Tech Headline – I never tire of these phrase generators. Some of my favorites from this one include:

  • 5-Year-Old Makes 110K On an Annual Holiday With Clever E-Trade Hack
  • Linus Torvalds Goes Missing For 20 Days
  • Torrent of all Zynga Passwords

Let’s Hang in Vancouver – I’m speaking at the Lean Startup Conference in Vancouver, B.C. May 5th and 6th along with Ash Maurya and the authors of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development for Tech Startups.

Learn How Google Works in Gory Detail – Quite an infographic on how Google generates north of $20B per year.

Why Startups Fail: An Analysis of Post-Mortems – The top 20 causes of startup failure based on 32 post-mortems.

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