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Six Startup Marketing Lessons in Six Photos

I snapped each of the following on my iPhone during the past 8 months.

“Wines sell better when we put these orange ‘sale’ tags on them so let’s put one under every bottle!”

Lesson: Too many price reductions diminishes their impact along with the value of your product.

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What the Hell Does a “Business Guy” Do?

Photo by Dan Taylor

I try to hang around with entrepreneurs as much as possible. I dig people with an insatiable desire to create things, and I’m not anywhere close to being cool enough to hang out with painters and musicians.

One term I hear thrown around now and again among technical founders is “business guy” (or gal…except it’s always “guy” when I hear it). This is the mythical person who’s going to swoop in once your app is built and handle all of that business-y stuff.

You know…the stuff we technical founders scoff at as tertiary to our product’s success:

“I don’t need no stinking MBA. I got code to write!”

Code that will be magically catapulted into the hands of millions once the business guy steps in.

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