Six Startup Marketing Lessons in Six Photos

I snapped each of the following on my iPhone during the past 8 months.

“Wines sell better when we put these orange ‘sale’ tags on them so let’s put one under every bottle!”

Lesson: Too many price reductions diminishes their impact along with the value of your product.

I got a fever! And the only prescription is more buttons on this god forsaken TV remote I found in Best Buy. Rumor has it three people have already used it to type their doctoral dissertations.

Lesson: When you design user interfaces like this someone in your hometown kicks a puppy.

Nice work Ikea, with two kids in tow your family friendly parking section had a major impact on my desire to return.

Lesson: What can you do to cater to your high-revenue customers?

Another nod to Ikea…personalizing what are otherwise impersonal products by providing photos of the creators and the design philosophy of the product. Mass produced, yet somehow personalized.

Lesson: Humans love stories. Tell yours on your website. Make it personal.

Quite a deal when you buy in bulk.

Lesson: Be sure your pricing makes sense.

My daily reminder.

Lesson: Ignore at your peril.

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