[Video] Conversion Review of My Book’s Marketing Website

Here’s a screencast I recently recorded with Derek Halpern of Social Triggers where he gives me a thorough review of the marketing website for my book Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup, with specific ideas on improving conversions.

Once you’re too close to a design it’s hard to view it with an objective eye. That’s where external feedback from a knowledgeable source can help you discover potential improvements, as Derek has done in this video.

Please enjoy – it’s just over 15 minutes and it’s filled with insights on building a high-converting marketing website.

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#1 Nick on 11.18.11 at 12:27 pm

An html5 video player would be great to watch your videos on ipad

Rob Walling Reply:

I use Viddler to host the videos. You’d think they would have that built by now…

#2 raul on 11.18.11 at 2:26 pm

interesting view.
I read once in a book that too many choices also ruin conversion.

Did you test with that?

#3 Beau Adkins on 11.18.11 at 3:39 pm

Very cool Rob. I really like the idea of the sidebar on the signup page to help reassure people that they are actually going to get something of value.

Also, even if you have HTTPS, it is probably worthwhile to explicitly say on the payment page that every thing is safe and secure.

Good luck with getting more book sales!

#4 Innovator on 11.19.11 at 1:07 pm

Yep, it’s the old “Can’t see the forest for the trees” adage.

As a Delphi developer I’m finding no reason to promote anything.

How’s the Visual Studio or Eclipse market doing? Is there much contract work available out there?

#5 Chris on 11.20.11 at 2:19 am

I really appreciate this post. It came through with the information I was looking for on the first try, and that doesn’t happpen all too often! Great job on this blog. Keep it up and I’m sure you are going to get tons of traffic!

#6 Vineel on 11.20.11 at 12:45 pm

Thanks for showing us the raw talk and all the honesty, Rob. It’s not common to hear unfiltered talk about sales and marketing of someone’s product. Gives me a lot to think about.