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The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 3)

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This is final installment of a 3-part series covering my acquisition of HitTail. I’d originally planned on a 2 part series, but when parts 1 and 2 went to the top of Hacker News I received so many questions that I decided to add this prologue to answer them.

Every question below has been asked via email, comment or Twitter over the past four weeks.

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The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 2)

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Why I Bought My Next Startup (Instead of Building It)
This is part 2 in a series covering my acquisition of HitTailpart 1 went to the top of Hacker News last week and I have a slew of questions from that discussion that I will answer next week.

But first I want to address the most common question I hear when I tell someone I acquired a startup:

Why did you buy instead of building?

If you’re a developer you’re probably scratching your head wondering how I could pass up the chance to do the awesome green field development. A new project with no legacy baggage…this is the stuff we live for!

But I did indeed opt to plunk down my hard earned cash instead of hunkering down for 6 months in my dev cave, and what follows are my reasons for doing so.

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