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ISVcon is Almost Here, the Terror of Starting Something New, Talking to Customers, and more…

ISVcon in Reno July 13-15 – Let’s hang in Reno in a couple weeks! Probably my last speaking gig of the season.

Find Joy in the Terror of Starting Something New – The terror of firsts is alive and well. We’re all scared of doing something for the first time. You have to get over it and do it anyway.

Talking to Customers: What a Concept – Cool post by Startup Success’s Pat Foley on how to start talking to customers before you build your product.

Fix the U.S. Patent System – via @spolsky, “The EFF’s new position on software patents is very good; if these rules were adopted, it will eliminate patent trolls.”

From programming to business: Lesson 0 – Some good takeaways: don’t ignore sales and marketing, business is about people, and you can’t be good at everything.

There and Back Again: How a Seemingly Well-Planned Server Move Crashed, Burned, and Rose from the Ashes

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About 8 months ago I acquired a small startup called HitTail. You can read more about the acquisition here.

When the deal closed, the app was in bad shape. Within 3 weeks I had to move the entire operation, including a large database, to new servers. This required my first all-nighter in a while. Here is an excerpt of an email I sent to a friend the morning of September 16, 2011 at 6:47 am:

Subject: My First All Nighter in Years

Wow, am I tired. Worst part is my kids are going to be up in the next half hour. This is going to hurt 🙂

But HitTail is on a new server and it seems to be running really well. Feels great to have it within my control. There are still a couple pieces left on the old server, but they are less important and I’ll have them moved within a week.

I’ll write again in a few hours with the whole story. It’s insane how many things went wrong.

What follows is the tale of that long night…

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