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Case Study: 13 Pre-Launch Traffic Strategies for Startups (Part 2 of 3)

This article is a guest post by Dan Norris, founder of Informly.

In this 3 part series (part 1 here) I’m running through 13 pre-launch traffic strategies I am using for getting attention and building an audience and a list for my web app Informly. In part 1, I went into detail about my onsite content strategy which forms the backbone for my traffic generation efforts. In this part 2 I’m going through 6 more strategies.

2. Forums

I’ve always been fairly active in forums frequented by my target audience (generally tech savvy small business owners). Rather than going into a lot of forums and posting an intro thread, I tend to build up a decent presence in only a few forums.

Once you’ve built your chops, you’ll get support from other members, leniency from the forum moderators and additional benefits (like links in your signature).

I have a weekly task to spend an hour going through and either answering people’s questions or posting original content to forums I participate in. The latter seems to work better for me because a lot of people hang out in forums to answer people’s questions, not a lot take the time to produce well thought out original content for a forum. I also make sure I’ve got a compelling call to action in my signature and it links to my site via a trackable link.

Here’s an example of a thread where I’ve posted some original content. You can see from the replies that people appreciated it, thanked me, some even signed up to test the app.

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Case Study: 13 Pre-Launch Traffic Strategies for Startups (Part 1 of 3)

This article is a guest post by Dan Norris, founder of Informly.

Part 1 (of 3) – Introduction and Onsite Content
Experienced entrepreneurs will tell you that no traffic is free. Even if you aren’t paying money for something you are paying in time (which is worth something) and once you try to scale it, you will have to part with cash.

But sometimes they forget what it’s like when you get started. The reality for most bootstrapped web startups is that you have time – but you don’t have money. And even if you did, it’s often very hard to make paid traffic like Google AdWords work.

To get the momentum going we have to rely more often than not on a bunch of free strategies.

My web app, Informly is a simple live dashboard that reports on your business performance showing charts from a number of services (MailChimp, Analytics etc). I’ll be launching it in a few weeks and over the last few months I’ve been working on a bunch of traffic strategies designed to build interest, develop an audience and launch with a decent pre-launch mailing list.

Over the course of 3 articles I’ll present 13 free traffic strategies that I am using to drive traffic to my site pre-launch. I’ll also include specific information on visits, opt ins, conversion rates etc where possible and what worked and what didn’t.

In this part (part 1) I’ll be addressing onsite content which is by far the most important part of my traffic strategy.

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