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How I Created 4 Startup Explainer Videos for $11


When I was writing the copy for the home page of Drip, I ran into a bit of a challenge: the idea of marketing automation is still new to a lot of people, so not everyone is aware of how email marketing (much less marketing automation) can help them.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to explain the value of Drip has been making screencasts, walking people through the product and pointing our very specifically how Drip can help in their particular use case.

But making a personalized screencasts for every trial customer isn’t realistic, so I put my mind to finding a way to make this a little more scalable. After discussing with Derrick we came up with the idea of creating a few explainer videos to walk visitors through how I would tag, segment, and structure a Drip account for a few different business types. 

Normally, I prefer to use contractors (typically those who offer productized services) for basic marketing elements so I can focus on higher-level tasks, but in this situation there was a catch…

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My New Podcast Launched Yesterday, It’s Called “Zen Founder”


My new podcast launched yesterday. It’s called Zen Founder, and it’s focused on finding the balance between startups, relationships, and life.

I co-host it with my wife Sherry, a clinical psychologist, and the first 4 episodes are ripe with discussion about:

  • How to stay sane while starting up
  • How to structure an annual retreat
  • How to punch procrastination in the face
  • How to deal with depression and setbacks

Listen on the web here

Or subscribe in iTunes here

If you use a podcatcher such as Downcast or Stitcher, it should be available by searching for “Zen Founder.”

Give it a listen and let me know what you think. If you enjoy it, would be a huge help if you’d give it a shout on Twitter.