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What I Learned Buying, Growing, and Selling HitTail

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In early 2011 I was looking for my next thing. Long ago I learned that when I’m not learning I’m not happy. And in early 2011, aside from hosting our first successful MicroConf, I wasn’t doing many things that scared me.

Which told me I needed a next thing.

My book was selling well. I had a portfolio of 8 or 9 small apps and websites. But nothing was pushing me to expand beyond my current mental limits, and I knew that within months I would start to feel a tinge of burnout and apathy that would eventually turn into genuine unhappiness.

I had spent the previous 10 months hanging out with our newborn, working 12-16 hours a week, and making an income comparable to what I had made working full-time.

Life was good, and I had to go screw it up.

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