Micropreneur Academy Product Showcase

“There has never been a better time to be a person with technical skills and entrepreneurial drive.”

The Micropreneur Academy is home to developers who launch. The applications below are the first round of products launched by Academy members.

A/B testing integrated directly into your WordPress site

Description: AB Press Optimizer A/B testing integrated directly into your WordPress site. Quickly and easily create dozens of different versions of your images, buttons and headlines. Showing you which versions will increase your bottom line.

Academy Member: Ivan Lopez

Quote: “The Microprenuer Academy gave me a realistic outlook and the tools i needed to launching my first product. Having the support of the Microprenuer academy community gave me the motivation to finish my product as well as made me accountable for my progress. With out the Microprenuer Academy I would have not of been able to launch in the time I did.”

Auction Plugin for WordPress

Description: WordPress Auction Plugin (Ultimate Auction Pro) is the #1 plugin for adding auctions to your WordPress site, quickly and easily.

Academy Member: Nitesh Singh

Quote: “One thing that has kept my entrepreneurial instincts alive has been Micropreneur academy. It lays out start to finish steps with actual members helping you out on every possible front.”

WordPress Classified Plugin

Description: Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) is the #1 free plugin for adding classified ads to your WordPress site, quickly and easily. AWPCP is better than a theme because you can make it look like your existing site, and cheaper than a full PHP script because add-on modules can be purchased a la carte.

Academy Member: Dave Rodenbaugh

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy was the push I needed to hone my skillset into a full-fledged business manager, rather than just a skilled developer with some business knowledge. I’ve built businesses before, but the lessons filled many gaps for me and allowed me to bring a new business online within 4 weeks of starting. These are battle-tested, launch-ready suggestions to go from Zero to Hero in online business. Seriously, you could Google for the rest of your life and not find as much valuable information that the Academy packs in the first 8 weeks…”

BidSketch designer proposal software

Description: Bidsketch is web based proposal software for small businesses or freelancers.

Academy Member: Ruben Gamez

Quote: “I was initially doubtful that the Academy would pay for itself every month but I completely reversed my position on that. One of my colleagues is running into major problems trying to tackle these types of issues and I’ve tried to get him to consider the Academy. He really doesn’t realize how much pain he’s putting himself through by not signing up.”

Bidspeed opportunity and capture management

Description: Bidspeed is an opportunity and capture management tool designed for businesses selling to the U.S. government. Bidspeed is integrated with FedBizOpps giving you instant access to all published Federal opportunities. Bidspeed is also a complete CRM system that helps you track due dates, store related documents securely, share information with your team, collaborate on bids, keep connected with contracting officers, and win more government deals.

Academy Member: Ryan Reid

Quote: “The Academy content is helpful; I expect it will more than pay for itself by helping me avoid silly mistakes.”

Undo button for Designers

Description: BigUndo is a Big Undo button for Designers. No more slow manual back-ups of back-ups with weird names. Just a single file the whole way! Don’t lose any change you make to your precious design files.

Academy Member: Nur Nachman-Eytan

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy gives massive knowledge resources. I like especially the audio version of every chapter. I love the forums and the community.”

mac tabs better finder

Description: Better Finder.app – a plugin which brings tabs, hotkeys and more to your native Finder.

Academy Member: Antonin Hildebrand

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy is to entrepreneurial programmers as a Fitness Boot Camp is to active people. It does not make you successful without hard work, but it pushes you a little bit further than you would push yourself alone.”

learn irish gaelic

Description: Bitesize Irish Gaelic teaches you the Irish language, in bitesize lessons. You learn to speak the language at your own pace with our 50+ hand-crafted lessons. Track your progress, learn pronunciation, learn conversation.

Academy Member: Eoin Ó Conchúir

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy has given me new focus on how to promote a new product. I’ve been a ‘part-time micropreneur’ since 2002, but had overlooked many key points.”

FreshBooks BlackBerry Application

Description: Book Keeper is a BlackBerry application for managing time, invoices, and clients that integrates with FreshBooks.

Academy Member: Eric Muntz

Quote: “The Academy’s lessons and resources removed every obstacle in my way and took the guess work out of the situation. I can’t recommend it enough.”

BV Commerce Hosted shopping cart

Description: BV Commerce is a hosted shopping cart solution that simplifies running an online store.

Academy Member: Marcus McConnell

Quote: “I wish the Academy existed when I started BV Software. It would have saved me several painful lessons in the company’s early years. If you’re thinking about selling software or a service save yourself a lot of time and trouble by subscribing to the Academy.”

CashWaltz family expense tracking

Description: CashWaltz is a hosted family expense tracking application. It’s currently in soft-launch.

Academy Member: Ronnie Pitts

Quote: “I would recommend the Academy to a friend, but not to my competition. The materials are very good, and I’ll know next week if one small contract paid for the course many times over.”

Visual fashion search engine

Description: Chic Engine is a visual fashion search engine. Users snap pictures of fashion they see in magazines, on billboards, of people on the street, then Chic Engine automatically analyzes the image and tells users where they can purchase the item.

Academy Member: Adrian Rosebrock

Contact Management Software

Description: ContaxCRM is contact relationship management for Mac OSX and Windows users. ContaxCRM provides accurate, complete and secure contact records and includes iCal, Apple Mail, Apple Script and Twitter integration.

Academy Member: Steve Cholerton

Quote: “Developing a software product and not a member of the academy? You probably also drive without a seatbelt.”

Hosted Bugzilla, ManitsBT & Subversion

Description: Hosted Bugzilla, ManitsBT & Subversion.

Academy Member: Wayne Allen

A Complete System for Sourcing Off-Market Note and REO Deals

Description: Distressedpro.com is a sales intelligence software used by real estate professionals to help them prospect financial institutions in order to get direct access to distressed debt and bank owned real estate.

Academy Member: Brecht Palombo

Quote: “When you’re working independently as a a solo entrepreneur (micropreneur) as I have for the last 4 years there’s no obvious path to follow; nobody looking over your shoulder to help point you in the right
direction. What Rob and Mike provide in the academy and their podcastis that path. The number of ideas and practices that I have borrowed from these guys in order to get my business to the 6-figure success that it is today, are innumerable.”

wiki and web publishing service

Description: EditMe is an on-demand wiki and web publishing service. An embedded development platform makes it the only wiki-platform-as-a-service available.

Academy Member: Matt Wiseley

Quote: “I came to the Academy with a mature product, and the material here echos most of what I learned the hard way through trial and error. It succinctly communicates many of the finer points of marketing a software product that I would have had trouble putting into words, and has certainly improved my thinking and process around marketing. Most importantly, the Academy provides a private community of like-minded solopreneurs for the exchange of ideas, feedback and support.”

wiki and web publishing service

Description: FineOwl allows musicians to build a beautiful website in just 5 minutes, so they can present themselves professionally online with minimal effort.

Academy Member: Andrew Ward

Quote: “I tried the sample lessons before signing up for the Micropreneur Academy and was blown away by the quality of the material. It’s really unusual to find such detailed, actionable advice, and that’s only part of
the Academy’s value. You also have access to member forums populated by a number of like-minded and supportive micropreneurs (plus Rob and Mike) who are always willing to offer advice and feedback.”

Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Description: FS Instant Approach is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (aka FSX). It allows you to setup an approach, at any airport, in under 30 seconds!

Academy Member: John Jones

Scavenger Hunt with a Purpose

Description: Find Items Locally, With Your Friends Help.

Academy Member: Nate Bean

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy has forever changed the way I think of being an online single founder. This is the best “recipe” of being successful at creating an online business, I have found. You will find great curated content based on the author(s) experiences. The forum is a great place get advice and stay motivated. I only wish I had found the Academy before creating some many other websites.”

Available Domain Names

Description: Provides ideas for available domain names based on your keywords.

Academy Member: Jorge Monasterio

Quote: “I’ve been a solo software developer and consultant for many years. I thought I knew it all, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the content of the Micropreneur academy. Every new lesson has monetizable tips and ideas that I haven’t heard about anywhere else. The Academy is a great resource!”

Tool for Job Seekers

Description: JobGizmo is tool designed to make a job seeker’s hunt far more efficient, keeping track of all their online applications, professional resumes, contacts, and interviews in an innovative, intuitive way.

Academy Member: Avery Smith

Quote: “I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Micropreneur Academy to a friend or colleague.”

Tool for Job Seekers

Description: Just Add Content gives small business owners and freelancers all-in-one, hassle-free business websites in 60 seconds.

Academy Member: Gabriel Mays

Quote: “I joined the academy after my product was built, but what I would have learned would have slashed my development time by at least a third. The price of admission is well worth it. Even past the development phase the marketing and traffic resources are worth twice the cost. These are proven tactics from guys who know what they’re doing and there’s a passionate community to learn and share with. Heck, I’d pay the lifetime membership fee just for the early access to MicroConf tickets that academy members get. Joining the academy and becoming an active member is a great step towards finally building a product as great as your ambitions.”

Time Tracking without Timers

Description: Lapsus is time tracking without timers. It runs in the background and knows what project you’re working on. Find out how long that last project took without the hassle of updating a timer.

Academy Member: John Gallagher

Quote: “I joined the Micropreneur Academy skeptical that it would help me. The fact that it cost money was a real stumbling block for me. However, I took the plunge and I’m really, really glad I did. When I joined I was downhearted and depressed about the lack of progress on my product. I posted to the forums and immediately got loads of constructive criticism and encouragement. It’s still early days for me with the Academy, but it’s already paid for itself in the progress I’ve made since joining. If you’re working on your own to develop a product, you know as well as anyone that it can be a really hard slog. The big value for me is that when I’m feeling low and times are hard I know that there’s a dedicated community that will support me. I get the feeling that when I launch version 1 of Lapsus I’m going to look back and wonder how I could have made it happen without the Academy.”

virus protection for your browser

Description: Light Point Web provides malware protection by turning your current browser into a virtual browser that prevents web content from running locally on your machine. Through the use of the cloud and virtual machines, Light Point Web provides an unmatched level of web security, making your computer invincible to even the newest, most dangerous web attacks. Additionally, Light Point Web gives you data encryption, privacy and anonymity.

Academy Member: Zuly Gonzalez

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy has been a great investment. The content is top-notch, and full of practical and actionable steps. The best part is the motivation I now have to get things done. Being part of a community of highly motivated and experienced entrepreneurs is very contagious, and it has pushed me to get things done faster.”

Find the Links That Make Your Competition Rank

Description: LinksSpy.com analyzes your competitions backlinks for you and tells you the most actionable, high-quality link opportunities. You can build links faster and the links you build will bring you both visitors and improve your Google rankings.

Academy Member: Christoph Engelhardt

Quote: “Joining the Micropreneur Academy and attending MicroConf has changed the way I work as an entrepreneur. From idea validation to finding customers to scaling your business, you’ll find the right content – and the right people to talk to – in the Academy.”

membermeister - online member management software

Description: Membermeister is an online membership management and billing service for coaching and leisure businesses. It makes class scheduling a breeze, slashes the time and effort spent on invoicing and chasing payments, and simplifies staying in touch with members.

Academy Member: Stefan Richter

Quote: “Having recently started work on my second product – this time with a business partner – I am excited to put much of the content available in the Micropreneur Academy into practice again. The lessons on the art of pricing, hiring a VA and AB testing are just some of the nuggets you will find in the Academy.”

Questions and Answers for VCE Students

Description: Merspi is a social learning hub for students from Australia built on StackExchange.

Academy Member: James Spittal

Quote: “It’s a laugh to think that many of my peers pay thousands of dollars a year in university fees and learn skills and knowledge that are a lot less useful than what they could learn in one month of the Micropreneur Academy.”

mobile groomer software

Description: mGroomer is Mobile Dog Grooming Software for the PC/Mac, iPhone and Droid Phone. Built with the Mobile Groomer in mind, mGroomer has Appointment Booking, Contact Information and detailed Pet Grooming information all accessible on your PC/Mac and Smart Phone.

Academy Member: Al Rosales

Quote: “I could never have released mGroomer successfully without the Micropreneur Academy. The material on how to market your software is invaluable! No matter how good your software is you, got to know how to get customers.”

online comparison website for mobile phones

Description: MobileTail is an online comparison website for mobile phones, subscriptions and mobile broadband in Sweden. Instead of just listing the deals you fill in your usage (we also tell you how to find this) and then we show the best deal based on your usage.

Our goal is to make you more informed than the salespeople so that you always knows what’s best for you!

Academy Member: Jacob Lonroth

Quote: “Many people focus on pitching, raising money and finding a team. Instead, the Micropreneur Academy focuses on building, earning money and finding yourself. That’s what makes the Academy awesome! ”

Easy online activity tracking for parents, caregivers, and daycare centers.

Description: Easy online activity tracking for parents, caregivers, and daycare centers.

We help you track your child’s moments—big and small. From her first steps to yesterday’s nap schedule, Munchkin Report lets you capture memories and make informed decisions. It’s data-driven parenting.

Academy Member: Rob Sobers

Quote: “The academy is filled with actionable advice for building a SaaS business. Even if you’re new to the startup game, you can follow the modules step-by-step to get your business of the ground.

The connections and personalized advice in the forums is amazing. For me, the community alone pays for the academy many times over.”

Accounting software design for Australian micro businesses

Description: Nominal Accounting is an accounting software design for Australian micro businesses.

It assists business to take care of their books, manage payroll as well connect to a host of online sources.

Academy Member: Uriel Maimon

Turn leads into paying projects faster

Description: Osmosis is a web-based tool for client questionnaires and work agreements.

Academy Member: Gary Sieling

Quote: “I’ve found the Micropreneur Academy to be a helpful resource for thinking through the steps of setting up a small business, from a bootstrapper’s perspective. It’s laid out in a way that’s easy to schedule (some courses have set times or weekly homework, which was hard for me when the rest of my life isn’t consistent). The people I met at Microconf are very friendly and helpful, with lots of practical insight for people in the same position.”

Way for preschools and childcare centers to keep parents informed on their children

Description: ParentPost is the easiest way for preschools and childcare centers to keep parents informed on their children in a private and secure format.

Academy Member: Scott Knight

online comparison website for mobile phones

Description: PhraseExpander saves time typing texts, filling forms, launching programs, opening websites and automating common tasks by using customized shorts. It also corrects your spelling mistakes. It fully integrates in the system and works in any program

Academy Member: Andrea Nagar

Quote: “The Academy is the place to go to discuss all the issues related to building and growing your business.”

Pins: Bookmarks on Mac

Description: Pins is a Bookmarks Library app for Mac. The main idea is “All your bookmarks in one place” which means a user doesn’t have to struggle to find bookmarks on different browsers/computers as the library can be easily synched. There is also a social side on it because bookmarks can be shared (exported in a simple clickable archive) with other people. This should brings together social bookmarking (based on web applications) and the ease of a beautifully integrated desktop application mac users are used to.

Academy Member: Fabio Russo

Quote: “The wealth of information found in the academy is not easy to get even if you own every single business book out there. Plus it is really focused on the needs of single indie developers desperately wanting to become entrepreneurs in charge of their own lives and products.”

Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

Description: Pinterest Plugins for WordPress will help you attract an insane amount of traffic to your WordPress site from Pinterest by adding an eye-catching “Pin It” button. Features include custom buttons, image hover options, and more.

Academy Member: Phil Derksen

Quote: “Joining the Micropreneur Academy gave me the resources and inspiration to push forward with my own products, all while holding a day job. It helped me transition from a pure software engineer to a product owner and set my focus to running a real business. If you’re a developer wanting to take your product to the next level I highly recommend you check out the Academy.”

Streamline your online quality assurance testing.

Description: Streamline your online quality assurance testing. QAtab makes it easy to collect issues found during QA on your web site or web app and route them to your ticketing system. Our simple implementation works great in any browser but is particularly effective on mobile devices. QAtab automatically captures, URL, browser, and OS info so that you can focus on fixing issues not tracking down the details.

Academy Member: Matt Vanderpol

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy is like a year-round MicroConf. The lessons you get access to are great and the community is fantastic – providing feedback, insights, and alternative views of your successes and your stumbles.”

gathers ad revenue stats

Description: The product gathers ad revenue stats from various ad providers and displays aggregate stats and graphics on a dashboard for content publishers that run multiple ad networks. There is no other web-based product available to do this, and it can easily take 30+ minutes every day just to log in to each system and look at the data.

Academy Member: John Lein

Customize a scavenger hunt

Description: Customize a scavenger hunt for your child’s birthday party or holiday event like an Easter egg hunt or Halloween or Christmas treasure hunt. Over 7,500 age-specific clues on 1,000 household objects makes it easy to create awesome fun for any event. Print clues, cut and tape them to the objects and let the fun begin.

Academy Member: Oak Norton

software for risk management

Description: Risk management software aimed at business people who are not risk management specialists.

Academy Member: Martin Howes

Sets Up a Workout Schedule for you

Description: RunFatBoy is an exercise and weight loss plan for beginners.

Academy Member: Jim Jones

Quote: “The modules on market research alone are worth price of admission. The Academy does a superb job in guiding you to find a niche with true market demand.”

Asterisk Reports Made Simple

Description: SAM Reports is Asterisk reporting made simple.

Academy Member: Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic

scribblar - simple, effective online collaboration

Description: Scribblar is an online classroom and tutoring platform providing teachers and organisations with the necessary tools to teach and collaborate in real-time.

Academy Member: Stefan Richter

Quote: “Until I came across the Micropreneur Academy I was convinced of being the only single founder out there. I was told to seek investment, find a business partner, and that ‘you can’t do this on your own’. The
advice I received in the Academy was invaluable and taught me not only skills I can use day to day but also connected me to other Micropreneurs – as it turned out I wasn’t the only one after all!”

SightReadingMastery - Sight Reading Practice. Online.

Description: SightReadingMastery is online sight reading practice for musicians.

Academy Member: Evan R. Murphy

Quote: “The lessons and forums are both invaluable resources that will skip you a ton of learning things the hard way. I’d recommend the Academy to anyone wanting to launch a software product and increase their chance of success.”

SnapFolio provides web portfolios for models, actors, and performers helping them get more work by looking great online.

Description: SnapFolio provides web portfolios for models, actors, and performers helping them get more work by looking great online.

Academy Member: Stefan Draht

Quote: “Micropreneur Academy provides a wealth of resources and community in one place, which saves me the solo-preneur’s most valuable resource, time.”

source code and plain text sharing script

Description: CodeHave is a source code and plain text sharing script developed in PHP and AJAX.

Academy Member: Amgad Suliman

Quote: “The invaluable information in the Academy saved me hundreds of hours and motivated me to work harder because I now know I am heading in the right direction. ”

A/B testing combined with a market research survey.

Description: The Whicher is a new way to be lean — it’s like A/B testing combined with a market research survey.

Academy Member: James Robert

Quote: “So far the academy has been invaluable. Especially the forums, and the academy resources/rolodex.”

Exception monitoring, logging and notification service

Description: New exception monitoring, logging and notification service for ASP.Net and MVC.

Academy Member: Doug Willbanks

Quote: “The Academy is the only place that I know of where you can get real numbers and advice from entrepreneurs who are are building business right before your eyes.”

An online suggestion box for employees

Description: Vetter helps managers get more ideas from their staff – new product ideas, efficiency ideas, event ideas, marketing ideas…

Academy Member: Duncan Murtagh

Quote: “The Academy gave me a broad education on everything I needed to launch a product except writing the actual code. Specific examples of what I learned: 1) what converts well; 2) how to figure out the keywords to target; 3) the value of going niche.”

Viternus Social Legacy Network

Description: Viternus is a social legacy network dedicated to privately and securely hosting personal media to be delivered automatically in the future according to your directions. You can schedule time-delayed messages to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with loved-ones for years to come. You can even deliver your video will or provide the location of important financial information.

Academy Member: Nathan Stuller

Quote: “The Micropreneur Academy is definitely worth the price. The information presented is focused specifically on things I need to know. It cuts through all the fluff and maximizes my time spent learning. I recommend it.”

wedding planning software

Description: WedPlanner Pro is wedding planning tool for professional wedding planners to manage their wedding planning business.

Academy Member: Adriaan Putter

Quote: “The academy helped me tremendously by showing me the steps I needed to take to launch a product. It saved me time by forcing me to focus on the right things to do, and saved me money I would’ve wasted on marketing and advertising. The forums makes you feel like you’re part of a big family of entrepreneurs whom all want to see you succeed.”

game management software

Description: Game management starts with estimating populations to drive decisions. Whitetail Census makes performing a trail-camera survey easy on time and money. Let us do the grunt work. You upload your photos and receive an email with your population information.

Academy Member: Robert Graham

Quote: “The Academy is a good way to get pro-grade feedback on whatever you’re working on. The focus on practical and actionable advice makes much of the content immediately useful. The price may be steep if you are pre-launch or pre-revenue.”

When was the last time you were productive?

Description: Widefido is a small software company started in 2007 that makes TodoPaper, a simple text-based todo list manager, and MnmlRdr, a fast and lightweight feed reader that focuses on the content.

Academy Member: Jordan Sherer

Quote: “Not only does the academy have great resources covering a wide variety of bootstrapping and entrepreneurship topics, it’s comprised of a fantastic group of individuals who have or are currently going through what you’re going through and are willing to help out.”

budget en ligne
Description: Winancial is a french online personal finance management service focused on simplicity and automaticity. There are 3 clients : web, desktop & mobile. Free registration!.

Academy Member: Jean-Philippe Dutreve