Select the option that best describes your feeling towards each statement. Comments are optional.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Optional Comments
1. The projects I work on are set up to succeed
2. I have input into project deadlines
3. My manager cares about software quality and maintainability
4. I have the proper hardware and software to perform my job
5. Project scope is frozen well before a project deadline
6. Expectations are properly communicated to our end users/customers
7. I am not micro-managed
8. My manager encourages independent thinking
9. My manager knows what it takes to build quality software
10. My manager makes project decisions within a reasonable timeframe
11. Other areas within my company make project decisions within a reasonable timeframe
12. My manager fights for our team
13. I would work extra hours without being asked in order to support my manager
14. I learn new skills at work
15. I challenge old skills at work
16. I am challenged at work
17. I have worked extra hours without being asked to solve a problem that was interesting to me
18. The challenges I face at work are interesting, technical challenges
19. The challenges I face at work are political, people-created challenges
20. I have a voice at my company
21. When I bring up a problem, someone above me listens and things change
22. I am recognized for hard work
23. At least once I have felt hurt or angry that I did not receive recognition for hard work
24. I build software that makes a difference in someone's life
25. I spend a reasonable amount of time in meetings
26. I have the authority to make a reasonable number of project decisions without calling a meeting
27. My design and develompent efforts are not hampered by legacy contraintss
28. When coding against legacy systems, they are generally reliable and well-written
29. My manager thinks refactoring poor-quality legacy code is important